Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt Top

First off, a huge thank you to everyone that weighed in on their favorite layout for the 4th of July Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt.  The Stacked Squares was the overall favorite!!!  Isn't it just so much fun!!!  

After taking all of the original layout pics, I had to clean these blocks off the floor and finish up another project (more on that soon).  I always worry when I have to set something aside that doesn't have a deadline because I know that is how my WIP get numbered up.   So as soon as I finished the other mentioned  project done, I quickly laid these back out and got them all sewed up into a quilt top!!!

Don't you just love the way it looks from the angles.  So cool!!!  Now I just need to make up a quilt back and decide on some binding.   I am pretty sure I want to quilt it in wavy lines, so that it has kind of a "flat blowing in the breeze" kind of effect to it.   But, I have another project that has to be quilted first (deadlines) so this one will have to wait until next week.  But I am so gonna make sure it gets squeezed back in soon.

I can't wait to see it all done!!!   This has just been such a super fun swap!!!  I totally want to do another one now ;)
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  1. This is so gorgeous. How do I find out about getting into a swap. I would love to do something like that but not sure where to start or where to look.

  2. Yayyy!! I picked the stacked squares :) We do 'friendship quilt blocks' at our quilting group each year where everyone makes a block for a person, this year is my turn and I'm getting everyone to make me these scrappy log cabin blocks :))

  3. this has worked so very well wonderful

  4. this is so awesome!xx

  5. That looks terrific. The wavy line quilting will be perfect.

  6. Oh! That turned out GREAT!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the quilting.

  7. I just love this quilt! And I loved all the other lay-outs as well! I'm definitely going to be making something like this at some point. I have so many scrappy strips and so many other left overs that can be cut into strips, so it would be so easy!

  8. Do you know where I can get this pattern? I've been looking all over.

    1. Hi LindaLee,
      This was part of a swap and Lissa did a write up of the "rules" for it right here ;) Hope that helps ;)


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