Friday, July 29, 2016

Ruby Jubilee Progress :)

So do you remember how I was "working on" a Ruby Jubilee version of my Braided Irish Chain Pattern??  Well I haven't shared much since I cut up all my 2 patches.   I actually made up the 4-patches sometime around April, but forgot to share them.  (sorry about that)   And I just saw them all sitting on my desk a few weeks ago and decided, it was time for some progress, Yippee!!!

And I am super happy, that the progress really multiplied as I have been squeaking these in among other projects.  And before you knew it, I had finished up all of my "small blocks".

These were a whole lot of chain stitching and oh so much fun to piece!!!   I just love how fast they go together once you have all of the 4-patches done ;)

And now all I have to do is turn the "small blocks" into "big blocks" and then it's just sewing them into a giant 9-patch for the quilt top!!!

I can't wait to get this one all finished up.    I am just loving how classic it is going to be in just red and white!!!!  So fun!!!   And here is hoping that it won't take quite so long to share the finish as it did the progress ;)  

I hope you all have a Happy Quilting weekend!!!

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  1. Love just red and white.

  2. Love just red and white.

  3. Wow!! Looks awesome❤️❤️❤️

  4. It looks awesome! I love red and white together but am afraid of bleeding. Can you suggest a brand of solid that definitely doesn't? Thanks for your help.

  5. Wow! Everything is lined up so perfectly! Looking forward to seeing the finish.

  6. Melissa, it looks awesome! Do you have a pattern for this quilt? I'd love to make a blue and white one. :)

    1. Hi Roseanne,
      Ahh, thanks so much, so glad you like it. And yes, it is my Braided Irish Chain pattern and can be found in my Craftsy or Etsy shop. See over to the right of the screen for all of my patterns or click on the Pattern Tab at the top of the blog ;)


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