Monday, September 12, 2016

August Sew Sampler Box!!

So my August Sew Sampler box had a few little issues getting to me but I am so happy that it has now arrived safe and sound, even if it is September.  (That just means I don't have to wait near as long for the September box now ;)  So by now, I am sure you have all seen the awesome August box in one place or another, but I just had to share its awesome goodness one more time ;)

And I am so super excited about these!!! I already had a copy of The Jolly Bar Book, so this one will be for Barbara as we are both just loving the fun quilts you can whip up with these.   From this book I  have already made one quilt, have another on the Long Arm, and you better believe this Sundrops Jolly Bar won't be sitting in my stash for long ;)  So fun!!!

And of course, I can't finish a Sew Sampler Box post without the newest Sew Sampler Block!!!  I am just loving these fun blocks and I can't wait for each month to sew another one up.   This is going to be such a fun quilt when it all comes together ;)

I am off to work on that aforementioned quilt that is on the long arm ;)   What are you Happy Quilting Today??

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  1. What fabrics are you using for the sew sampler blocks

  2. Thanks for the peek at your sew sampler box! I love your block! Can't wait to see them all!!

  3. Thes boxes always look amazing, however the postage and subsequent customs and excise duty on them for England makes them an impossible wish for me. Happy sewing. xx


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