Monday, October 31, 2016

I'm In the MQG Swap!!!

I haven't participated in a swap for quite a while so when the Modern Quilt Guild announced that they were doing a mini swap I was so very excited!!!  I signed right up and am now starting to peculate ideas for my partners swap ;)

We were asked to give our partner some ideas of what we might like and I tell you what, I surfer around and quickly realized that there was no way I could choose favorites.  I love it all I tell you ;)    There are just so many cute ideas out there.  What's your favorite design that you would love to see in a mini???  Help me narrow it down ;) 

The only thing that I would love is if my partner would include lots of lovely purple, that way I can add it to my collection of purple mini's on my purple sewing room walls ;)   I love, love, love purple!!!

Ya, and I might have had a gal on instagram ask to see my purple wall of mini's and this was just another great way to show them ;)   

I have a few ideas in mind for my partner and will be sure and share my progress on my partners mini just as soon as I get started ;)

Hope you are having a very Happy Quilting Monday!!!

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  1. I love doing swaps. I've done lots of Scrapbook related swaps. I also participated in a few I spy fabric swaps.

  2. I think you might need a house block - for your happy home. I don't see one on your wall :)! My oldest would set up her bedroom in there with your love of purple - she loves that color best too!

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with! You have such a creative mind.

  4. How exciting
    I like Quiltsong's idea of a house block

  5. I have no idea, but I do love your purple walls and coordinating minis! I'll have to look into a few minis for my sewing room walls.


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