Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Have a Plan

So for the last few weeks I have been debating about what to do for the MQG Mini Swap.  There are just so many options and how do you choose one that will be just perfect for your partner.   So after mulling it over, I am happy to say that I finally came to a decision last night, and I am super excited because it involves the new Starbust 30 degree ruler and some of the First Blush blocks paired with the happy colors of Hello Dot!!!!!    EEEkkk, If this come together the way it is in my head it is going to be so happy and fun!!!!

My plan is to use 2 of the small blocks from the First Blush book.   But rather than do them in an alternating 2 colors, I am going to do a whole bunch of colors, to make cute little rainbow stars ;)

And then, rather than cutting them square, I am going to cut them on fun angles, so that when they are all sewn together there will just be dancing stars on a beautiful low volume background ;)

So that is the plan!!!   And I was so super excited about finally having a plan that I already started cutting.   Now just to sew these strip sets together and then let the Starburst ruler do it's magic :)

I will be sure to share pictures along the way and here's hoping that it turns out just the way it is in my mind ;)  Regardless, it sure is going to be fun to play with this new ruler and watch it all come together.  

Have you played with any new rulers lately??  I would love to hear about them, specialty rulers are just so fun ;)  
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  1. That sounds lovely! I adore those bright, rainbow colors. I can't wait to see the finish.

  2. I think the many new rulers are so exciting, but it is almost like a box of chocolates each one is different, but chocolates are cheaper.


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