Monday, December 5, 2016

Quilt with Tula and Anglea

When I was asked by the wonderful folks at F & W Media if I wanted to review their newest release, Quilt With Tula And Angela, it took all of about 2 seconds to say Absolutely!!!!   I am such a huge fun of Tula's amazing work and her beautiful innovated way of playing with color.   And Angela is such a amazingly talented quilter and teacher and a very dear friend.  Remember when we got to share this special little Market presentation , ya things like that just bond you for life ;)  So when you put these two power houses from this industry together, you know you are going to get something amazing!!!  Let me tell you a bit about it ;)

Tula and Angela really are allowing you to Quilt the Rainbow as they break their book out into beautiful chapters each focusing on a specific color, as well as the Warm, Cool, and Rainbow aspects.  There are 17 signature Tula Pink quilt designs and 47 Quilt Design Motifs from Angela Walters tucked in these beautiful pages.  And the illustrations and photography is just stunning.

My favorite thing about Quilt With Tula And Angela is how detailed each chapter is on walking you through how to build your quilt start to finish with the focuses on color and shape.

 Each chapter starts with a title page with a stunning picture of the quilt in that chapter as well as a color narrative that I just love.  You can totally hear Tula's voice in these narratives and they are phenomenal fun way to teach you all about how to understand that color better.   There is also a quick rundown on the piecing techniques you will be using for the quilt.

Following the introduction narrative is a fantastic guide on choosing the fabrics for your quilt.  I absolutely love how Tula shares an in depth view on why and how she picks each of the colors in her quilts.  It really helps you understand her innovative color play ;)

And then, you get to the piecing of the quilt.  And of course, this is done with wonderful graphics that are super easy to follow and lots of little extra tidbits to help your piecing be perfection.  But this isn't where the chapter ends.

After you get your quilt top all pieced, you have a guide on quilting it!!!!  Angela shares pages and pages with wonderful written directions as well as easy to follow diagrams.  With each chapter she shares several ways to quilt each design and lots of options on how to make it your own.   Angela is such an amazing quilt teacher and it comes out so well in her directions, you will feel like she is standing right over your shoulder coaching you along ;)

And you get all of that instruction in each of the chapters, for each of the colors across the rainbow and the combinations of them as well.   It truly is like the subtitle says, "a start-to-finish guide to piecing and quilting using color and shape"  and it is phenomenal!!!

Now the only hard part is going to be choosing which quilt to make from this awesome book first ;)  I love so many of the designs, but I think I will have to start my to make list with "The Hood".  It's scrappy, its happy, its rainbow, and it's adorable little houses.  It just doesn't get better than that ;)

So  to sum it up (if you couldn't tell) I love Quilt With Tula And Angela !!!!!   It really is just an amazing book filled with wonderful insights, gorgeous quilts, stunning quilting, and beautiful photography.   It would make the perfect Christmas Present for your quilty friends, or you can always drop a few hints and hopefully it will end up under your tree with a gift tag for you ;)   I am wrapping mine up so I can open it all over on Christmas Morning ;)

I hope you are having a very Happy Quilting Monday!!!

See ya tomorrow with Terrific Tuesday Giveaway Day :)

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've been waiting for this one to come out and see if it seemed to live up to the potential. Yay!

  2. Great review! I'll just have to check this book out! Might be I'll have to add it to my Christmas Wish List!

  3. I wonder if there will be any online quiltalongs to go with the book?

  4. Well! This is a "must buy" for my list Melissa! I love those two!


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