Monday, June 5, 2017

Getting in the Swing of Summer

So school has been out for a week and a half now, which of course, seems more like a month with all the craziness that is the first week of summer;)  Since school got out in time for Memorial Day, we spent the holiday weekend getting some family property open and ready for the summer season. (think clearing fallen trees, fixing the roof, setting up the trailer, ect ;)   And of course, along with the work, we still had plenty of time to play!!!

The kids love going for rides in the side by sides.   We went exploring for new trails on Saturday morning and had a blast.   Oh, and if you are wondering why my boys are filthy . . . They think it is fun to ride close behind us to see just how covered in dust they can get.    I think they did a pretty successful job ;)

And once we had the mountain property ready, it was time to focus on our own home.  We are planning to put in some raised vegetable garden's this year in the backyard so that meant we needed dirt, and lots of it.  After one load by hand, we decided to rent this little tractor ;)  I even managed to figure out how to dig with it after a bit (well, sort of ;)

And speaking of gardens, I had to share these beautiful blooms that finally opened up this last week.   I don't have much of a green thumb, so I am grateful every year when these still decide to bloom even with my poor care of them.   So pretty!!!   So ya, to sum up the last week, it has been lots of dirt and sun and we sure loved it!!!

But today start's Summer Band, Reading programs, and some actual Summer Routine.  Which means, I might get a little more time to sneak away and sew on a regular basis.   But I am happy to say, that even with all the fun craziness that was last week, I did manage to finish my Curiosities Quilt Top and it is ready to be quilted ;)  Can't wait to share this finish!!!

And, since my twin sister is due to have her newest little arrival in August, I figured I better pull back out my Mini Rings quilt, that I keep managing to procrastinate.    Every time I pull this out I remember how fun these curves are to sew ;)   I am hoping to make some serious progress on this.

But I am teaching at the Panguitch Quilt Walk on Thursday and Friday, so I best get the progress done early in the week, right ;)     I can't wait for my classes, they are all full and I am so super excited to get to teach again!!!!   I will try and remember to take lots of pictures and share all the fun when I get back ;)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Melissa, that is so cool that you are using power tools and I mean a big boy there. Well, if we can operate a sewing machine, we can do anything, right?
    I love to see your kids having a blast. Family adventures are the best.

  2. You sure have been busy!! So glad everyone is enjoying the start of summer break! Such a pretty lily - yes, these did well for me too. I love 'independent' flowers and bushes :)! Awed how you still find time to sew!


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