Saturday, October 21, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday - C is for Cookie :)

It's my Saturday of the Spelling Bee Sew Along!!!   And I am so excited!!!  I absolutely love this amazing Spelling Bee Book  by Lori Holt.  She makes piecing so fun and easy and the results are just so fantastic!!!

This Spelling Bee Saturday is brought to you by the Letter C.   I originally asked to do the letter C because hey, my last name is Corry :)   But as I was piecing this C, I kept having  "C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me, yum yum yum!!!" run through my head.   So for my pal Cookie Monster, this C is for Cookie!! 

And the moment I saw this awesome Spelling Bee Book, I knew I had to make the cover quilt!!!  And I knew I had to make it times 2 :)    One of my daughter's hasn't quite had reading click yet, so she get to go to the reading center at school and has a private reading tutor.  They have all been so fantastic to work with her and us and it has helped tremendously.  I knew right away that this quilt would be a wonderful thank you for both the reading center and her tutor.  Which means, I am making 2 sets of blocks!!!  So fun!!!

Honestly, the two sets almost takes about the same time as one set.  The thing that takes the longest I think is cutting out all the little block pieces, and so I just fold my fabric and cut 2 sets.  Super slick.   And then I chain piece the two blocks and it goes super slick :)      But I have to say, I am super glad I bought a second set of Alphabitties the other week, so I can use one set for Upper Case and one set for Lower Case and keep myself from mixing up my pieces!!

And if you notice above, those pieces aren't my C block.  I figured since today was my day, it was a perfect reason to get caught up with the Spelling Bee Sew Along.  So now I have ABC :)  Yippee!!!


And I tell you what, I just love piecing these little letters!!!  They are so much fun to put together and are just to cute for words :)   And I just am so excited about this quilt!!!  Every time I see this cover, I just squeal at how totally cute it is and how perfect it will be as a special thank you for some very special people!!!   

And it's not to late to join in the Spelling Bee fun!!!   Grab a Spelling Bee book and you'll be caught up in no time. And you have lots of help keeping up as there are fun blogger's every Saturday sharing their Spelling Bee blocks as well :)  

See ya next week with the letter D!!!!   

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  1. You have so much patience, I think. I cut out the fish pieces last night for the Chuckles quilt I received from my sew sampler box in August. I only got through the fish pieces and had to take a break before moving on to the rest. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out after you quilt it. I’m also looking forward to seeing how this one turns out too. Thanks for your posts they are so much fun.

  2. Hello Melissa; I absolutely love, love, love your enthusiasm for each and every project you do! You always make me smile and always make me want to remember my motto which is quilting is fun do not worry and fret about it just make sure and have fun! I will be watching to see how your quilts progress and are finished! Thanks for sharing, they are great blocks! Have a great day!

  3. ahh, thanks so much Brenda ;) I am super excited for this project too ;)

  4. good spot,thank you


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