Friday, December 22, 2017

Roundabout Quilt Finish

Today  I am so excited to be sharing my Finished Roundabout Quilt!!!!   And I even finished it for the actual parade of the Quilt Along, and just a few weeks before Christmas ;)  I think that is some kind of a record for me and truly makes me smile from ear to ear!!!

Just in case you are new friend visiting, the Roundabout quilt is the Quilt Along that I hosted over the last few months.  Each of the posts for the Quilt-A-Long will always be on my blog.  You can follow these links to walk you through each step week-by-week on how to make a Roundabout Quilt , just in case you want to make your own.

This was such a fun quilt to piece!!!  I just love how the blocks pop and then a second later the secondary designs jump out at you :)     And I know it sounds a little crazy, but I really did love putting together all of those curved pieces.  The first few were a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it, they are pretty fun and I just think they make the prettiest designs :)

This quilt is for my twin sister and her husband, and even though I won't be able to deliver it for Christmas (they live in SL) I can say that I finished it in time for Christmas, and hey, that counts for something right ;)   My Sister picked the beautiful Freedom fabrics by Sweetwater for Moda, followed the progress of the qal while I was piecing, and then got super excited when I posted on instagram that it was on the long arm ;)   And now, these pics can be a few days early Christmas present.  Yippee!!!!

When it came time to quilt, I had lots and lots of fun with lots and lots of custom quilting!!!   For the center I quilted small swirls, echoed paisleys and pebbles, a favorite way to fill a big spot for sure ;)  Then I did some back and forth lines to make that center design pop, followed by some large curly q's and echoed ribbon candy, and finally some echoed arches in the corners.    Isn't that just so super yummy!!!

And look how awesome it turns out in the secondary design.  I just love those echoed arches in the corners and how they come together to create a beautiful design.  All of the continuous designs here are really what make that secondary design pop and they are just so fun!!!

It took a while to do all of that yummy custom quilting, especially as this quilt is a monster King size, but it was so totally worth it.  It just adds so much yummy texture and all of the different quilting motifs just help to emphasize the roundabout quilt design.  I just love it!!!!

And that is my finished Roundabout Quilt Along Quilt!!!   And I am so, so, so happy with the finish!!!   Thanks again to everyone that quilted along with me, as that is what makes this quilt so special.  I just love that this quilt reminds me of so many of your amazing quilts!!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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  1. what a beautiful finish, Melissa!!! What a wonderful gift to give to your sister and her husband. I LOVE all the custom quilting you did. it really compliments your beautiful piecing and design perfectly. well done!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  2. The piecing is beautiful and the quilting is to die for! I love how you photographed it on the snow. We haven't got any yet.

  3. This turned out so beautiful! I'm sure your sister is so thrilled! I love all of your custom quilting. I had so much fun in the QAL and I love my quilt that I made. The QAL really kept me going so that I could have a completed quilt.

  4. Hi Melissa,
    What a beautiful finish! I am sure your twinnie and her husband will feel all the love you have sewn and quilted into this quilt each time they snuggle under it. The quilting itself is so beautiful and I can see all the squishy goodness from here. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. You did an amazing job on this Melissa!! Such beautiful quilting on it!! I'm just starting on my blocks: life sure can get in the way!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!! Hugs, H

  6. Loving the photos in the snow.... your quilting is amazing and your sis will love her quilt...

    AHappy and Safe Christmas 🎄 to your family and you. 🤶

  7. There is nothing better than finishing a quilt, and yours is so pretty! I love the colors, the curves, and the quilting is stunning. What a wonderful gift! (Are you sure you can give it away??) Merry Christmas!

  8. Wow. Great quilt and awesome quilting!!


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