Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday . . . Catch Up On Wednesday!!!

So it's not really Spelling Bee Saturday as it is actually Wednesday.   But I have been working to Catch Up on the two weeks of Picture blocks that have been posted so far, and I didn't want to overload you with pictures come Saturday . . . So it's Catch Up Spelling Bee Saturday on Wednesday!!!    

And these picture blocks are just to cute for words!!!!  I just love these adorable little blocks Lori designed in her Spelling Bee Book!!!  They just are the perfect compliment to all of the Letter Blocks.  And here they are . . . 

The Apple

The Bee

The Bird

and The Butterfly

Wow, these little pictures blocks were so much fun to make!!  A few of them were a whole lot of pieces, so they take a little longer than the letters but they are so worth it once they all come together.  I mean, how cute are those little guys :)     And it sure saved time to cut out the pieces for these blocks two at a time (see why ;)   and I love my Alphabitties for keeping the pieces straight in these blocks (especially that bee and bird :)    
 And with that, I am caught up on my Picture Blocks and I have plans to be back Saturday with the letters I haven't posted yet.  So here is to the next few days playing with some Alphabet soup so I can see ya on actual Spelling Bee Saturday ;)  

Happy Quilting!!!
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  1. Love them! I haven't bought the book yet. Hopefully after Christmas.

  2. Cute! It's like Taco Tuesday on Monday night! Merry Christmas! -Jean


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