Monday, July 9, 2018

Radio Show Follow Up ;)

I want to say a huge Thank You to Pat Sloan for having me on her podcast last Monday!!!  Also a huge thank you  to everyone who tuned in to hear me  on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio!!!  It s oh so much fun!!!  If you were not able to listen live, you can still go to here and listen to the podcast ;)  And yes, I say Fun like a billion times in the podcast, what can I say, I am Happy Quilting :)

And I have been getting a few emails with questions on some of the things we discussed, so I wanted to follow up on those questions here.  So . . . Here are the "links" to more info on all of the fun little topics that Pat and I chatted about. 

First off, we discussed my Splendid Sampler finish.  Several people have emailed me asking to see the finish.  So here it is, and you can go to my post here to read all about it's finish and process, and layout, and so on ;)

Second, Pat and I chatted about my blogs 8 year anniversary and the joy I have in writting and being able to share my love of quilting on this blog.   What I didn't say here, and wanted a do over the second I hung up the phone, was that I love that by blog allows me to interact with all of you.  I have made so many wonderful friends through this blog!!!!  I love reading your comments and can't thank you enough for your help when I find myself questioning what border print to use, or what way to quilt something.  You are always so great to step in and help!!!!   And that's why I keep coming back now for 8 years to write.   It's because of you all!!!

We also got talking about blogs and how they make it so much easier to share tutorials.  And I mentioned that I now have over 100 tutorials on the blog from the last 8 years and how I recently reorganized my tutorials to make them easier to find what you are looking for.   And I have had a few emails asking where to find these.   And the quick answer is the Tabs at the top of this page.  And for more details, I actually wrote a post here, with details on how things were reorganized and how to find what you are looking for ;)

And then Pat asked a bit about how I keep organized in keeping track of my projects.  And I shared some of the ways that I do that on the show that you can hear here.  Then we talked a little more about how I get the most out of each day.   I wrote up a post back here on my little "schedule" and how I can squeeze the most out of my day to try and be as productive as I can with the hours I have. (and as I mentioned on the show, that's kind of out the window in Summer ;)   My baby girl is going to 1st grade in the Fall so I am anticipating a little more sew time, but I figure I should probably leave some time for laundry, and dinner and the like ;)   But ya, for years now it has been chain stitch in the afternoon on 3 - 4 projects, and then Press in the evening after the kids go to bed while my sweethearts watches ESPN.  It works!! 
But as I mentioned on the show,  I do try to have one or two quilts that I am working on in the midst of all of the "assembly line" quilts that are more long term that I make 1 block at a time so that I can still have that enjoyment of working of completing each block,  and seeing the quilt come together over a lengthy period of time.   A few of you emailed about my  newest Long Term Project, the Moda Dessert Sampler, and you can see more about its start here ;) 

And I think that just about covers all of the questions that I have gotten since the radio show.  If you have a question that I missed following up on, please don't hesitate to email me at   I just love hearing from you all.

Thanks again for Tuning In and have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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