Friday, October 19, 2018

Seeing Stars Quilt Finish!!!

Today  I am so excited to be sharing my Finished Seeing Stars Quilt!!!!   And I even finished it for the actual parade of the Quilt Along, and now it is all ready for Christmas ;)   I absolutely love making Christmas Quilts, and I had so much fun with all of these wonderful stars each and every week!!!

Just in case you are new friend visiting, the Seeing Stars quilt is the Quilt Along that I hosted over the last two months.  Each of the posts for the Quilt-A-Long will always be on my blog.  You can follow these links to walk you through each step,  week-by-week on how to make a Roundabout Quilt , just in case you want to make your own.

And as I said, this was such a fun quilt to piece!!!  Of course, it always makes it more fun to be piecing along with lots of quilty friends.   But you all know how much I love making Star Blocks.   And I had a great time designing this quilt to specifically work on lots of different techniques in creating different stars.   So ya, I loved every minute of curved, improv., applique, and of course, basic piecing!!!  I just love how the blocks pop and then a second later the secondary designs jump out at you :)    And I just love the way they all come together ;)

And ya know, you can never go wrong with making another Christmas quilt :)  I used a Fat Quarter Bundle of Swell Christmas by Urban Chicks for Moda for my quilt, and I absolutely love those jolly Santa Clauses, Beautiful Poinsettia's, and wonderful Plaids.  It is such a classically perfect Christmas line, and I just loved how it made each and every star shine in cuddly Christmas goodness!! 

When it came time to quilt, I had ideas of originally doing loopy stars, ya know, to go with the quilt design. But as I was loading the quilt on, I thought, how fun to match the Plaids instead!!!   So straight line quilting, and lots of back and forth in fun cream, red, green, and pink.    But ya, notice how there are no horizontal lines to finish this plaid look.   Ya, two problems.   One, I was having tension issues, which was causing me serious tension.   And two, somehow my leader was attached to the machine off centered, which meant my backing was off centered, which essentially left me 0" of backing left on one side of the quilt.   So while I had enough to cover the back, there was nothing left to pin it to the leaders in the opposite directions.   So long story short, the quilted plaid idea turned into quilted straight lines in opposite colors ;) 

But hey, it still looks awesome, even if it wasn't my original idea.  And I love the different color threads, it just adds a fun little pop!!!     Also,  I am happy to say that I figured out the tension problem, got the leader reset, and now I am all good to go for the next quilt ;)  Sometimes, I just have to adjust my plan to make sure I am still Happy Quilting ;) 

And that is my Seeing Stars Quilt Along Quilt!!!   And I am so, so, so happy with the finish!!!   Thanks again to everyone that quilted along with me, as that is what will always be the most special part of this quilt!!!  It truly is a wonderful reminder of so many great friends and each one of their beautiful quilts!!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

Linking this finish to Myra's, and Sarah's ;)
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  1. Beautiful Christmas quilt! Love your quilting, such a great idea to use different colors!

  2. between getting sick and a family reunion here at my house earlier this week , I had to put mine up for a while

  3. Love your straight line quilting, especially using the different colored threads! I have my Seeing Stars quilt sitting out and I notice different things about it, such as, the stars kind of being offset. It really is unique! Thanks so much, Melissa, for this great Quilt Along!

  4. Fabulous quilt, and I love the intense quilting too. x

  5. I love your finish! What a fun Christmas quilt.

  6. Melissa, it’s beautiful. Yet another QAL I’m sorry I didn’t participate in. I’m pinning this post so I can revisit it when I’m not so busy!

  7. Lovely quilt and I haven't started one thing for Christmas.

  8. I follow the Scarlet Thread on FB and I like "The String of Hearts" quilt pattern from their shop.


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