Wednesday, May 8, 2019

2 More Scraptastic Stars!!!

The week before leaving to teach at UQSM I got to do some secret Market Sewing :)  I made two quilt samples for my good friends at Moda, which of course I will share more of after Market.  And with those two samples, came a lot of Leader and Ender Sewing ;)   And I am super excited to have made 2 more Scraptastic Star Blocks!!!!

Scraptastic Stars is my new Leader and Ender project and I just love making these blocks!!!   They really are so much fun to play with all of those little 2 1/2" squares, and you all know how much I love making rainbow quilts ;) 

My plan is to make 16 blocks in all, and with 4 done, I am 1/4 of the way!!!  So fun ;)   And I just have to say, don't they look so awesome next to each other!!  I am really loving where this project is going :)

Next color block will be the Magenta-Purples and ya, I am super stocked to sew another shade of Purple!!!!   

How about you, have your tried a rainbow quilt before???
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  1. I love your blocks! I have a huge box of 2" squares, so I might need to adapt this pattern to that to maybe make a dent in those scraps!

  2. Blocks are so pretty. Yes, made a rainbow quilt.

  3. Love it!!! I only made a small wall hanging with rainbow colours, but I like where you are going with this!!

  4. Stunning! I’ve made a couple of toddler quilts using these blocks, only they were smaller. Made great leader/ender projects and were so much fun to put together. I love this larger size!

  5. Beautiful blocks! Especially love the star design in there. Each colourway is so pretty.

  6. Great blovks!!
    So.... When I saw UQSM - i am dyslexic and I saw USMC and I thought - wow - she is teaching quilting to the Marines - awesome!! ha ha!! Anyways have fun at UQSM!!!

  7. Yes, a quilt we call twinkle stars, but I’ve also made a quilt all in purple scraps and I love it!

  8. I just finished a scrappy rainbow quilt for my sister! My favorite so far.

    Those scrappy star blocks are wonderful!


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