Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am so very blessed to have two wonderful Mother's!!!  My amazing Mom, Christine,  who started me on my quilting journey, and my wonderful Mother-In-Law, Barbara,  who shares my quilting journey with daily :)    And I am so very honored and blessed to be a Mother to these marvelous kiddo's!!!    I cherish my family and am so grateful for their support and constant love!!!    

And wow, they just keep growing and turning into amazing little people.  Remember when they were just tiny little bundles on my quilts??  I sure do ;) But this stage is proving to be pretty fun and I know that every stage after will be just as wonderful, because I have these people, and we are one Happy Family!!!  

I hope you get to be near the ones you love today and join me in celebrating the special women in your life!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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  1. It is great to hear your celebration of you mothers and your sweet family. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Melissa! You have a beautiful family and I am happy you have started at least one child on the quilting journey!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful family
    Happy Mother's Day to YOU
    Lucky for you to have family to sew with..... I am hoping one day

  4. Happy Mother's Day!! You have a beautiful family!

  5. Happy Mother's Day Melissa! What a beautiful family picture. Hold them close - time flies too quickly!


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