Monday, May 13, 2019

UQSM 2019 Teaching!!!!

Last Monday I shared what an amazing time I had teaching at UQSM at the beginning of this month!!!  Today, I am going to share all of the amazing classes I got to teach and the wonderful ladies I got to spend a few hours with quilting ;)  What fun!!!  I taught 4 classes (Pave the Way, Corkscrew, Playground Picnic, and Petal Pop) and did a trunk show.   Talk about two days packed of quilting goodness!!!

The first class I taught was on Thursday afternoon and I was delighted to have a full class for my Pave the Way pattern.   This is such a great class!!!  You go over so many basic piecing units and then some great tricks to have them all come together with perfect points.   Everyone did such a great job and their blocks are all just amazing!!!  And this is a lot of piecing for a three hour class and just a good portion of the ladies finished their block in class and I even had one student finish both the A and B blocks in class time.  So awesome!!!

That evening I taught my Corkscrew pattern.   There were only three ladies in class, but it was still every bit as wonderful!!!  It was actually nice after having such a big class earlier that had both Barbara and I hoping the whole three hours.  This smaller class was great as Barbara had time to help hold a baby and I had time to visit with each lady individually.  And they still all worked just as hard managing to each finish a block, even into the later hours of an evening class!!!

Then came Friday and boy was it a full day and oh so much quilting fun!!!  I started the morning by teaching my Playground Picnic Class.  We had 9 amazing ladies in class, and they all finished their A block and most of them finished a B block as well, which is just the opposite fabric layout.  This class is quickly becoming a favorite of mine to teach.  The construction of the block is a little different as it is pieced on point, but then I left room for trimming, so it just makes everyone smile when their block comes out perfect every single time, even on point!!!    It really is just a super fun block to make and everyone was all smiles and laughs ;) 

And Friday Afternoon I got to do a Trunk Show of my quilting journey.   This is always so fun to get to share just how amazing this industry is and my absolute love for quilting!!!    And one of the gals in the show was kind enough to share some pics with me.  So sweet of her!!!   Trunk shows are always so fun, the only hard part is deciding which quilts to bring and share :)   When you are making 35-45 quilts a year, they tend to stack up, tee hee hee.  

I started with 75 quilts pulled from piles but quickly realzied that was to many for an hour.   So I managed to narrow it down to 50 to bring and share.  But still, it's a good thing I like to talk fast, because we flew through that hour.  I had so much fun sharing my quilting journey and I hope that those that were in attendance were able to learn some great little tidbits or be a little quilty inspired to help them along their quilting journey as well ;) 

And then it was time to pack up those 50 quilts and switch gears to my final class that Friday evening.   And this one was totally full with 21 students as it was my ever popular Petal Pop class.    This is another super fun class as the construction of the block is never what students expect, but once it click, they just get a big ol grin and start seeing their blocks come together in no time!!!   And Oh how fun all of their blocks are!!!  I know I always say this about teaching, but it is always so great to see the different fabrics everyone has chosen to make their quilts with.  I go home wanting to make every class quilt in at least 3 new color schemes :) 

And that was my two days teaching at the Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace  It truly was such a fun few days getting to sew with so many amazing people and just enjoying the general quilty atmosphere.    This was my first time teaching at UQSM and I hope it won't be my last because I absolutely loved it!!! 

And if you are wondering where I will be teaching next, you can always click on the Events/Teaching  tab at the top of my blog ;)   Until next time, Happy Quilting!!!  
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  1. It looks like some busy, but fun teaching days. I'm sure the students loved it.


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