Monday, February 24, 2020

So Happy to Sew!!!!

I haven't sewn in a week!!!!   Between putting the house back together from the remodel, having my book arrive early , and having family visit all last week, I just couldn't get to my machine.     And of course, all three of those things were so incredibly exciting that it was totally okay not to sew.   But I tell you what, first thing this morning, I wanted to be sewing ;)

And as luck would have it, the first thing I found when returning to my sewing room was that I had miscalculated yardage and didn't have enough to cut out the center section of a new quilt.   So, scraps to the rescue.   I made an 18 1/2" square from 16 - 5" squares.  And you know, I missed my machine so much, I didn't even mind, in fact, I think it is pretty cute ;)

Gotta love just getting to Sew!!!! 

I am hoping things will get back to "normal" and I can spend a little more time stitching :)  Can't wait to share all of the new projects I am working on ;) 
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  1. I think it looks cute too - and an ingenious idea :)! Happy sewing Melissa!


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