Friday, February 21, 2020

Tutorial Throwback Thursday (on Friday) - Diamond Drop

So yesterday was Tutorial Throwback Thursday and I totally dropped the ball.   I have been crazy busy the last few days, and I just missed posting.   I am sorry.   But better late than never right ;)   So for Tutorial Throwback Thursday, on Friday, I thought Diamond Drop would be perfect ;)  (hence the dropping of the ball :)    And isn't it just so pretty!!!!

Diamond Drop is such a fun and fast quilt to make!!!  It uses Half Square Rectangles and I have a fun way to trim them up so your points are perfect every time .  It makes for a nice twist on the basic Half Square Triangle quilt ;)    It finishes at 56" x 75", so it makes a great lap size quilt.  

The Diamond Drop tutorial is written to be use 10" squares, but you could also use Jolly Bars and save one step of cutting!!!  And to your pre-cut, all you need is some background rectangles and a binding, which makes cutting this quilt out so super fast :)  

And the fun thing is, just like Half Square Triangles, once you have these Half Rectangle Triangles made, you have endless possibilities for a layout of the Diamond Drop quilt.   I shared a few alternate layouts for these in this post here.   Isn't it fun how different each quilt looks just by mixing up the layout of the units!!

And for the quilting of the Diamond Drop I used a favorite of mine!!! The all over Echoed Paisley design is always a perfect match for quilts with lots of points.  It gives it a lot more movement.  And I even made a Video Tutorial of how I do this free motion quilting on my home machine, just in case you want to quilt one like it ;)  

And that is my Diamond Drop  quilt.  I hope you have enjoyed today's Tutorial Throwback Thursday (on Friday) !!!    To make your own Diamond Drop quilt  just click on any of the quilt name links for the free tutorial.    And when you are done, I would love to see your quilt!!  You can email me a picture at, post it to social media with #happyquiltingwithmc  or or add it to my flickr group here ;)  I can't wait to see your Diamond Drop Quilts!!!!

Thanks for visiting today and each day.   I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!  
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  1. I love this quilt. I should make one like this. Melissa you are always so inspiring

  2. Very nice ty for the cool reminder. this

  3. That’s a beautiful quilt and the colors are fantastic for it.

  4. loved that throw-back post~! I've recntly worked on a pattern using a Moda layer cake cut in half to make the pieces you worked with,then cut on the diagonal each one, reposition and sew. Trim with half-rectangle bloc locs. i'll try your method for the first piecing with the line! I think it will save time! Can still use the bloc locs to trim.

    1. oh! just read the "Jolly Bar" part. sorry. and I've yet to find the trimming method you described- I just get SEW excited when somebody show me an idea!!! i'll go read again.


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