Monday, June 8, 2020

Charming Baby Quilts - Remix's

So I have been sharing over on Instagram some new Charming Baby Quilts Remix's.  I started working on designing new versions of Charming Baby Quilts a while back, and even shared three sneak peaks here :)   I had so much fun in  EQ8  remixing these first few quilts, I decided, why not draft a new Remix for each of the 10 quilts in Charming Baby Quilts!!!!

I have remixed 7 out of the 10 quilts in EQ8 so far, and have 5 of them in different stages of completion.   So here are those 5 all sketched out and the details on the "remix"  ;)  

 A Star Is Born - Original

 A Star Is Born - Remix
This version of A Star is Born quilt really remix's by using Layer Cake Squares instead of Charm Pack Squares ;)   So it is made just like the original, only it is huge!!!!   It is a king size stunner at 108" x 108" ;)   I am using Bonnie and Camille's At Home Fabrics and a Royal Chambray Background and I just love the texture the Chambray adds.   I just need to get this one quilted and I will share the finish soon :) 

 Dream Big - Original

Dream Big- Remix
I shared the beginning of this Dream Big Original over here.   But my plan was to make this Dream Big even Bigger!!!  It is 4 times the pattern and a beautiful border.   And I used the Low Volumes from Poppie Cotton's Daisy Mae Fabric line mixed with a Country Confetti background to really make those diamonds pop ;)  And I made the outer border larger to fit the scale of the design.  It finishes at 74" x 74" so it will make a perfect picnic size.   Isn't it so fun to see the lights and darks mixed around ;)

Ring Around the Rosie - Original

Ring Around the Rosie - Remix
This is another Charming Baby Quilt that got four timed to make a King Size stunner at 108" x 108"!!!   I am actually making this one for a new quilt for my bed and I just love how Amy Smart's Sugar House Park Fabric's just pop on that beautiful solid Navy Background.   This one takes a little while to piece, but is going to be so worth it in the end ;)  

Just Blooming - Original

Just Blooming - Remix
And so far, this is the only Remix staying at its original baby size of 52" x 52".   I had so many people ask what this quilt would look like with the center Bloom, so I decided why not sketch it up :)   And I had so many low volume Catalina Charms left over from the Charming Baby Quilts Sew Along, I figured they would be perfect for a "low volume" version.   And it is always fun to pop low volume with a nice dark background ;)  This one is ready to quilt as well and I can't wait to get it all done!!!

Hugs and Kisses - Original

Hugs and Kisses - Remix
And finally, Hugs and Kisses got bigger and scrappier!!!!   All of the quilts in my Charming Baby Quilts book uses one line of fabric, I really wanted to include a remix that showed how you can incorporate multiple fabric lines.   So this Hugs and Kisses uses 4 different designers lines and I just love the scrappy goodness it gives!!!! And a black background is my new favorite and just makes all of the happy bright colors from Garden Variety, Strawberry Jam, Mama's Cottage, and Handmade pop!!!   This one is just so happy making to work on, all those colors just make me smile ;)    And at 70"x 70" it will be just perfect for a picnic!!!

So ya . . . 5 new Charming Baby Quilts Remix's with 5 more to come ;)   I will be sure to share the remaining 5 as soon as I get them sketched up ;) 

And of course, I will share all of the Remixing details with you when I share the finished quilts ;)   You will need a copy of Charming Baby Quilts to make the remix's but I will share the alterations needed for these new sizes :)   I just need to get to some serious Happy Quilting time, it just seems like every summer day just breezes by and my stack of "to be quilted" just keeps growing :)   But soon, I promise!!!!   And don't forget, you can also still make the Charming Baby Quilts Sew Along Sampler . . . Those instructions will always be available ;)

And fun side note for all my readers . . . right now you can use the promo code EQ8MELISSA for 20% off all EQ products.  I just love that I can easily and quickly recreate my quilts with fun twists and see just what they are going to look like when I am all done ;)    


So any suggestions on other Charming Baby Quilt Remix's you would like to see??  Different sizes, coloring's, ect.   I would love to hear what Charming Baby Quilt ideas you have :)   
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  1. I love all of these quilt ideas. I think I want to make one of each!!

  2. Love what you've done with each of the quilts, but the Star is Born is just irresistible with a layer cake!


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