Monday, May 31, 2021

Adventure is Calling for a Square Dance!!

 So remember when I shared the Mountain Lullaby quilt and said that I was trying to make more "mountain-ish" quilts for the Barbara and Bob's cabin.   Well I am super excited to add another one to the mix!!!   When I saw the new Adventure is Calling Line from Riley Blake Designs, I knew it was just perfect for another cabin quilt!!!   And combined with my Square Dance Pattern, it is just perfect :)

I mean, how can it not be perfect with these prints from Adventure is Calling!!!   Tents, Trees, Forest Animals, Stars, and Pennant Flags . . . and all in beautiful woodsy colors!!!  It is just so fun, I especially love the pops of orange :) 

And I have been wanting to make a large version of my Square Dance Pattern for quite some time, and I just knew this fabric would be so great in it!!!   I loved the idea of just using a simple yet fun geometric designs for a cabin quilt, almost gives you the idea of plaid but a cool plaid  ;)  And I even made sure all my directions prints lined up, so no upside foxes or tents.   I don't normally worry about directional fabric, but this quilt design is an easy one to layout and make sure it is correct, especially because it is Jelly Roll friendly, so you don't have to worry about what direction you are cutting the pieces out either ;)  

 For the Pop fabric I used Shades Chocolate  and the background fabric is Shades Burlap.   I love the "texture" in the shades line.   It is a lot like grunge so no surprise that I tend to gravitate towards it.   And I just love how all of the print colors just pop on the light and ark brown, it really adds to the 3D illusion of this quilt. 

I tried something new when it came time to quilt it.   I originally was planning to just do a large meandering stitch.  I haven't done simple meandering in some time and thought it would be perfect for this geometric design.    But after making the first pass, I thought it kind of looked like a trail through the woods.   So I decided to go back and echo the meandering to really make a "trail".   I just love how it turned out and echoing was so much fun.   It was just like following a trail just following the twists and bends in the way.  So fun!!!  

I am just so happy with how this quilt turned out!!  And it is already at the cabin as we are enjoying this Memorial Day in the woods ;)    Three down, (I put my King Size Braided Irish Chain in Reunion Fabric on my bed :) down and 3 more "cabin" fabric quilts to go.    I can't wait to see what the next one is going to turn out like ;)

Thanks for popping in today and sharing this new finish with me.   

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!  
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  1. Such a beautiful quilt! You are really talented. I want to buy your pattern and make a "woodsy" quilt too.
    Did you use a jelly roll for this particular quilt, or yardage or fat quarters? I'm trying to wrap my head around a directional jelly roll print such as several are in your quilt. If they are precut, the assembled block would not end up with the fabric all facing the same direction, would it? Newer to quilting and trying to understand. I don't want to purchase a jelly roll and coordinating directional fabric and not have it turn out like your quilt. Thank you for any clarification you might share.

    1. This is a Jelly Roll friendly quilt. I know, it is hard to wrap your head around, but trust me, you can totally layout your block with all the direction fabric working cut from a Jelly roll ;) As far as the background, I have not done that in a directional print before as I try to keep the background and pop fabric not to distracting. Those two parts are cut from yardage, so you can make it work for directional, but you would have to cut some of it width of fabric and some of it length of fabric ;)

  2. That is really wonderful. It’s great in those fabrics.


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