Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Day of Cutting!!

 So most of my "in progress" projects have been been made in to quilt tops and are just waiting their turn on the long arm.   That meant I needed some new "piecing in progress" projects.   And lucky for me, I had quite a build up of fabric that had arrived for projects that I will be sharing a little later this year.  And that meant it was time for a whole lot of cutting!!!  Ever wonder how many cut quilts you could fit on a cutting mat . . . well, as of this morning the answer is 6 :)  That was a lot of cutting yesterday but I was so happy to see all of these projects read to go now!!!  I can't wait to get into some serious chain piecing ;)

And while I was on the Quilt Cruise, I got a lot of questions about what I do with my scraps.  I sort all my small scraps by color and keep them in these bins.  But those scrap bins are really overflowing, so if I have larger scraps, I try to cut them into pre-cuts or quilt kits or fold up the larger pieces if they are all the same size and bundle them.  I love using my Charming Baby Book to whip up quilt kits for scraps, as I just need some Charm squares and a background fabric.  Oh, and I have a separate bin of Christmas Fabric, so all those scraps go in there to make a scrappy Christmas quilt ;) 

I just love cutting out a whole bunch of quilts and then sorting all of the scraps so that when I go to start all of the new cut projects, all my spaces are clean, tidy, and ready to be sewn in ;)    But before I can start these 6 new quilts, I best finish up this one I started at the  Quilt Walk last week.  It is going to be another Alma Mater quilt, and I got all the units made, I just need to sew the blocks together now.  Should be able to get this one done really fast ;)

So that is what I have been up to??   What about you . . . . Do you like to cut out lots of projects at a time or do you stick to one at a time??

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  1. Thanks for showing a bit of your quilting process. I'm not sure I could cut more than one project at a time. That would lead to UFOs and I have plenty of them right now. I am slowly getting them taken care of. I like your scrap storage. I considered that but went to using the 14" square scrapbooking containers for my scrap precuts by color. With hindsight, I think the storage you are using would have worked better and might have even been cheaper!


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